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  • [01/15/2011] Zmodo's New High Resolution IP Camera is Initially Developed.

  • [01/08/2011] New Cameras are Installed Inside Our Company to Show Live Demo!

    view Live Demo

  • [01/03/2011] The Trademark "Zmodo" is Officially Registered in the United States.

    The trademark "Zmodo" is officially registered in the United States. The International trademark registration is in process currently.

  • [08/15/2010] Zmodo Products are Carried by Amazon.com.

  • [03/06/2010] New Package Kits are about to be Available on the Hyper Markets

    3, 2010 To meet the needs of rapid development of the surveillance market, we are dedicated to make up new complete kits and aim to drive them into Hyper Markets. The emerge of these kits will save customers much more time due to the complete package which includes everything they need to have their system up and running in their home or businesses quickly and easily.

  • [03/01/2010] 2nd Generation Baby Monitoring System Released

    3, 2010 To meet the market demands for wireless products, our R&D Department developed the 2 generation digital wireless camera - CM-W3211BG Baby Monitoring System.