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4G/3G Mobile & iPhone Devices Installation

Android Devices 

You can access your Zmodo DVR from you Android smartphone with an application from the market called 'IP Cam Viewer Lite'. The "lite" version is free and supports up to 4 cameras, though it does have advertisements. If you really like it, the full version supports 32 cameras and has no advertisements for $10.

First, navigate to the Android market and search for 'IP Cam Viewer':


Once you have the application installed, you will need to configure the application to connect to your DVR. You should have all your networking already set up, including the port forwarding and (perhaps) dynamic DNS configured. Once you know what IP address and port to connect to, we can proceed to configure IP Cam Viewer.

This is the interface of the app:


Press the menu key to bring up the following options. Select 'Manage Cameras'.


From the following screen, you will need to delete the default cameras included, and add your own. The lite version supports up to 4 cameras, the full version, 32.


Select 'Add Web' and you will be greeted with the following options (though empty):


· You can name the camera whatever you'd like

· Choose 'Zmodo' for your category

· Choose 'Zmodo DVR w/ Mobile Port' for your type

· The URL is your IP address, followed by a semicolon and your mobile port (which should be 9001)

· Choose whatever camera # on the DVR you are trying to access

· Enter your user name and password

· Test it to see if it connects

· If so, save the settings

· Repeat for the remaining cameras

· You are now set up and ready to use IP Cam Viewer on your Android smartphone!




Blackberry Devices 


1. Download Blackberry software off our website here:

2. Install the Blackberry desktop manager on the computer using the disk included with your Smartphone, or downloading it online at http://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/desktop/

3. Connect the handheld to computer using the USB port

4. Open the Blackberry desktop manager

5. Select the [Application Loader] item in the main menu


5. Click the start button on the [Add / Remove Application] side;


6. Browse and open the [*.alx] file then click [Next];


7. Just click the [Finish] button to complete the installation.


8. Press the Blackberry button on your Smartphone device and over to the Downloads folder


9. Find the BPlayer App and launch it


10. When in BPlayer press the second button that looks like a gear to change settings


11. Once in this window enter in your custom DVR network settings

BPlayer Settings.png

12. Now Go back to main screen and press play. You should now be able to view your DVR cameras. The button third from the left changes the DVR channel.




Apple iOS devices 



1. Open the Application Store


2. Search for "Aplayer in the search box


3. Click on the "Aplayer icon in the search result screen.


4. Install the "Aplayer" onto your iOS device


5. Locate the App and Launch it, Press the button on the bottom right to configure your personal DVR Network Settings

aplayer.png settings.png

6. Once you have completed the settings press the back button and press play. You should now see your DVR.