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A perfect example of how effective EP-Surveillance really is.

Live crisp clear video
Object missing search features
Powerful user friendly software
Undeniable proof

Subject:You are a class act!


That's awesome! I will probably need to replace one soon - my cameras are getting old. I am impressed with your solution and I want to say Thanks - I'll be shopping here again soon. You are a class act!

Subject: Happy customer


I almost dread new technical things after disappointing experiences with Windows Vista, the new (worthless) Street Atlas from Delorme and cell phones that demand I serve them.
Your system works well, the instructions are in good English and online instructions are clear.
I am very happy with my purchase.
Rock Island, IL

Subject:Manual- Attn. It was the best manual I've seen


Manual came through just fine, thanks!
Also, it was the best manual I have seen the last few days, I have been looking at close to 60 different DVRs from many websites for over a week now. I am upgrading my security system.
You have the very best manual thus far, well laid out, excellent graphics, easy to understand, very clear, excellent details! Couldn't ask for more!
Also, your website is very clean, it is well laid out and very easy to get around in. Excellent graphics, clear, sharp detailed images and text! Good color and contrast!
Everything about the manual and website says "Excellence". I have yet to check out your return policies and customer service, but the online assist I dealt with was really great to deal with and my phone call with you was very pleasant!
I am so impressed with this particular CCTV website and store along with the great staff! You have no idea how refreshing CCTV is after the many sites and folks I have dealt with at so many of the other locations.
I will call tomorrow and place my order for the DVR. You have several I really like, hard to decide which one. Really wish the one with the popup screen also had the VGA connection should the popup screen ever fail.
Thank you for a really great experience!

Subject:System is extremely easy to work, it was the best money I've spent


Thank you for the reply. I tried hooking it up to a flat screen monitor with a VGA cable right after I contacted you guys. I figured I would try it with the holiday weekend and all because I figured that you would most likely be closed. Worked like a charm!!! I have an awesome picture and it turned out to be the coax cable to BNC connector wouldn't carry the signal. You are gonna laugh but the reason that I got this system was because my neighbor comes into my yard and I could never prove it. The first night I had it running I got her in my yard, I backed it up on my thumb drive and saved it to my computer. The police were called and my neighbor was spoken to. The system is extremely easy to work and it was the best money I've spent in a LOONNNGGG time!!!
Thanks for all of your help,
Mike Emmons

Subject:You guys have a great company


Dear Michael,
Thank you for your quick response. I actually spoke to someone from your company on the phone and was able to resolve the issue. Thank you again! You guys have a great company. Patrick

Subject:Great tech support center


Thank you so much for all your assistance with retrieving video from your Zmodo H.264 surveillance system! I wish more companies had a technical support center, especially one that is eager and willing to help. Because of your support & ease of equipment, I would definitely recommend you all. Have a Great Day!!
Forensic Video/Media Specialist

Subject:Excellent support, will definitely buy from you guys again


I'm emailing you to thanks you guys for your excellent support. Mike Siemers helped me out on May 25th. You guys have excellent support and I will DEFINITELY buy from you guys again because I was so impressed by the support.
Ali Ibraham
Men's Castle, Inc
Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Subject:Your customer support is second to none


I would just like to tell you that your customer support is second to none. Mike's knowledgeable but also very courteous. His patients with me and my lack of knowledge is commendable. If there is anything i can do to help Mike get a pay raise please let me know. Please thank him again for all of his help and patients.
Dooley's Pub
Jason W. Shields

Subject:Excellent product at a reasonable price


We just purchased a 4-camera DVR system and are pleased with the features, performance and documentation of the unit, which out deliver value and features of competitor's in several areas.
It is being used in a small office/gymnasium some distance from our main building, and with a broadband connection we are able to monitor use and employee safety. It is a valuable addition to our security systems.
I have already recommended Zmodo's products to co-workers and others interested in home or business monitoring, and plan to purchase one for my personal use, and use with the iPhone application provided.
If I have one request for improvement, it would be to enable non-Internet Explorer browsers to access the system. Because of network security restrictions we prefer using other browsers than IE as our default. Mozilla Firefox would be my first choice, with others being Opera and Safari.
Again, thank you for the excellent product at a reasonable price.
Technical Support Analyst
Chattanooga, TN