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Garden Light Torch 360

SKU#: SD-H2103

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Garden Light

Enjoy the View
Torch 360's wide field of view and remote controls allow you to pan to see an entire 360° view whether from an entry wall, patio area, or pathway pillar.

Remote Viewing Options
Check in on your home and property from anywhere with the free Zmodo app for iOS and Android and our desktop web app. The Torch 360 uses ambient light in the environment to provide an HD video experience. Optional cloud recording plans allow you to save 24/7 video footage and create clips by editing captured video.

Express yourself with premade themes.
Choose from a variety of premade themes in the Zmodo app and change Torch 360's bulb color to fit your mood.

Unleash Your Creativity With Millions Of Colors
You can create a comfortable ambience from bright white to cool ocean blue to fire engine red and anything in between. The choice is yours.

Control Your Light From Anywhere
With Torch 360 you can control your light from your smartphone. You can schedule the bulb to turn on and off at set times to help secure your home and adjust schedules at any time. The Torch 360 gives you peace of mind in smart and useful ways.

Multiple Torch 360's Provide Complete Perimeter Protection
The free iOS and Android Zmodo mobile app allows you to live view your cameras and receive motion alert notifications.

You can schedule the light to turn on at night and off during the day, turn the 720p camera on when you're away and off when you're home, and adjust motion detection alerts to only notify you at certain times.

Easy Installation

Replace your existing bulb with Torch. It can be installed either pointed up or down, and the video can be inverted in the app if you need.

Follow the instructions in the Zmodo app to connect your device to your home's WiFi.

What is Included