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4 Port 12V 1500mA DC Power Adapter for Surveillance Cameras

SKU#: PS-1154

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1.5A power(PS-115);

The power adapter provides 12V DC power sources for the surveillance security camera. The power adapter convert 110-220V AC sources to 12V DC sources with a maximum current of 1500mA.


* 12V DC Power Adapter for CCTV Cameras
* Input: 110V/220V AC
* Output: 12V DC 4 Port
* Max Draw: 1500mA
* Support up to 4 Cameras
* AC Power Cord

Package Includes

* (1) PS-1154 12V/1500mA Power Adapter for CCTV Cameras
* (1) 1-4 Splitter Cable for Cameras
* (1) AC Power Cord

What is Included